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Survey to help assess internet service speed, satisfaction

Feb. 8, 2017 – When it comes to satisfaction with one’s internet speed and service, opinions can vary. That’s why the Village wants residents to take a brief online survey to help assess current service satisfaction and gauge what municipal government could do to spur improvements.

Information gathered through the survey, posted at, will help the citizen volunteers on the Village’s technology advisory commission create recommendations the Village Board can use to promote improved internet service in the community.

“The Civic Information Systems Commission is exploring ways to increase connectivity to the internet in the Village, both from a cost-perspective and in the level of service available,” said David Gulbransen, who chairs the commission charged with advising the Village Board on technology, information management and policy issues. “We hope this survey will be a first step in assessing just how satisfied residents are now and help us determine what Village government may be able to do to improve their online experiences.”

Calling Comcast and AT&T’s steps to begin rolling out superfast gigabit connectivity in Oak Park an important step forward, Gulbransen said addressing issues like access and affordability will continue to be high on the commission’s priority list.

"We hope this trend of offering high-speed access continues, as it will open many doors for making Village services even more robust online,” he said, “But we still need to work to address access issues in terms of adoption - making sure that some useable level of internet access, which is more and more essential every day, is affordable to all Village residents.”

In addition to questions about speed, the multiple-choice questions on the survey ask about service satisfaction, how often respondents are online and how much of their entertainment depends on their internet service provider. The survey also touches on support for a local municipal provider and willingness to pay for infrastructure to support it.

The survey likely will stay open through February, when results will be tallied and analyzed by the Civic Information Systems Commission, or CISC. The findings could be the basis for recommendations for actions by the Village Board.

The CISC meets at 7 p.m. the second Thursday of each month at Village Hall, 123 Madison St. All meetings are open to the public.