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Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing


The Village of Oak Park is supporting housing providers and condominium associations in creating smoke-free policies for their buildings. This webpage provides resources to help interested individuals, companies, and condominium associations through the planning process.

If you are interested in creating smoke-free policies, contact us for support! You may call or email the Department of Public Health at 708-358-5480 or

Why go smoke-free?

Each year, an estimated 28 million multi-unit housing residents in the U.S. are exposed to secondhand smoke in their home or apartment that came from another part of their building. Everyone deserves to breathe smoke-free air. The majority of multi-unit housing residents want smoke-free building policies.

Also, being smoke-free is profitable for housing providers. Turnover costs for cleaning a two-bedroom apartment previously occupied by smokers can range from $2000 to $12,000 when the costs of re-carpeting, repainting, duct cleaning, and odor removal are added up.

Illinois Smoke-free Housing Directory and Recognition Program

The program is managed by the American Lung Association in Illinois. It was developed to acknowledge properties that have adopted smoke-free policies and to assist tenants in locating a smoke-free property.

There are three levels of recognition, each based on the extent to which the property is smoke-free. To be considered for a Certificate of Recognition and to be listed in the directory, property managers or owners must complete a recognition consideration form and submit it to the American Lung Association of Illinois. Click to read more about this program.

Oak Park Properties listed in the Illinois Smoke-free Housing Directory & Recognition Program

  • 100 Forest Place
    • (Recognition level: Gold – 100% of units, common areas, and property grounds are smoke-free. All lease agreements include a smoke-free policy.)

Going Smoke-Free: Resources for Housing Providers and Condo Associations

A Toolkit for Smoke-Free Housing

General Info and Statistics about Smoke-Free Housing

Creating a Timeline for Smoke-Free Policy Implementation

Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum

Model Smoke-Free Common Interest Community Policy

Applicable to condominium associations

Notifying Tenants of Lease and Rule Change

Help Quitting Tobacco

Enforcing Smoke-Free Policies