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Winter Energy-Saving Tips

Cooler temperatures tend to bring higher energy bills. These simple tips will help you stay comfortable at home, and cut down on some of your electric costs:

1. Be selective with your space heater. Only heat the rooms where you spend most of your time, such as your living room or bedroom.

2. Lower your thermostat to between 60° and 70°. Dig out your cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks to help stay warm.

3. Add weather stripping. It will help prevent the winter chill from sneaking through your windows and under your doors.

4. Make sure your home is properly insulated. Insulation, especially in the attic, will help keep heat inside the house.

5. Close the fireplace damper when not in use. This will prevent cold air from entering through the chimney.

6. Take advantage of natural light. Opening your blinds during the day lets sunlight provide your home with extra heat. 

Try making a few of these tips part of your winter routine to balance comfort and costs.

For information about funding opportunities available to Oak Park residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, visit