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Customer service reinvigorated at Village Hall

Residents looking ahead to a spring kitchen remodel — and developers with a project plan — should be in for a new experience at Village Hall, thanks to the reorganization of municipal resources related to redevelopment and property improvements.

The new Development Customer Services Department brings building permits, inspections, code enforcement, business licensing, planning, historic preservation, zoning, housing and federal grant administration into a new management structure designed to streamline Village Hall processes and enhance customer service.

Property improvement projects big and small often have to navigate multiple processes designed to ensure public safety and historic preservation through a wide range of local, state and federal regulations. With all of these programs now linked within a central management process, the Village is embracing the ideal of one-stop shopping when it comes to investing in an Oak Park property.

As technology upgrades are installed later this year, customers can expect a new focus on streamlining processes and improving overall service. The end result should be quicker response times and speedy resolution of issues that can affect a property improvement project or investment opportunity.