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Rental property owners, managers get new crime-fighting tool

With the recent adoption of a crime-free housing ordinance, Oak Park rental property owners and managers now have a powerful new tool to help reduce the chances of criminal activity in individual rented units.

The cornerstone of the new program is a lease addendum that puts potential tenants on notice that they are liable for any criminal activity within their units. And if criminal activity does occur, the lease can be terminated and eviction action initiated.

The ordinance is very specific about what is considered criminal activity. Care also was taken to ensure a property owner or manager can’t simply make an accusation as a reason to terminate a lease. For example, the ordinance clearly exempts victims of domestic violence.

Police will make the final determination if the criminal activity rises to the level of the crime-free ordinance.

In addition, the ordinance extends the Village’s existing rental property licensing requirement for buildings with four or more units to all rental property, including single-family, condominiums and two- and three-flat homes.

For more information on the crime-free housing program, call 708.358.5410 or email