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YouTube puts Village on world stage

Sept. 14, 2015 – With more than 300 videos and nearly 150,000 views to date, the Village’s official YouTube channel puts the sights and sounds of Oak Park on display for the world to see.

The YouTube channel is an extension of VOP-TV, the Village’s municipal television station. Videos are produced by VOP-TV Manager Joe Kreml, who serves as videographer, audio engineer, lighting specialist, director and film editor.

The topics are as diverse as Oak Park’s tree-lined neighborhoods and it’s many residents. Recent segments have focused on public safety, local dining, arts, entertainment and transportation, as well as profiles of the colorful people who make Oak Park such a great place to live.

Kreml’s eye for visual storytelling has won a multitude of awards for VOP-TV over the years — and has earned him the appreciation of local businesses, government officials, nonprofit agencies and everyday residents in Oak Park.

Videos are shared regularly on the Village’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and they also air on Comcast channel 6 and AT&T Uverse channel 99.

To browse the videos on the Village’s YouTube channel, go to