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Vehicle license deadline nears

June 26, 2024 Every Oak Park resident is required to purchase a license for each owned or leased motor vehicle before July 15. Vehicle licenses can be purchased and renewed online at

Vehicle license rates vary by type of vehicle. Persons age 65 and older, and anyone who has a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard, can apply for a discount. Disabled and active-duty veterans with proper documentation can apply for free vehicle licenses. The rate increases by $20 after the deadline, which is 11:59 p.m. on July 14. Failure to purchase a license also could result in a ticket.

Residents with an active Village vehicle license can override daytime parking restrictions posted on the blocks where they live. The exemption from daytime parking restrictions is intended to provide relief to residents from undue burden created by parking restrictions that are intended to regulate parking for non-residents and commuters. The daytime parking exemption does not override other posted regulations related to traffic, public safety, permit parking and other paid parking zones.

The diagram below illustrates how the exemption applies to a typical residential block face, with the star representing a residence and the dotted lines representing the street frontages on which a resident is exempt from applicable daytime restrictions.



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