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Village launches biodiversity survey

Update: The Village's Biodiversity Survey is now closed. Click here to find a map with projects that were shared through the survey.


Aug. 15, 2023 - Oak Park residents are encouraged to complete a community biodiversity survey to help the Village’s Office of Sustainability & Resilience gather information on where there are existing projects in Oak Park that support biodiversity. 

Examples of such projects include monarch gardens, rain gardens and lighting that is dark-sky approved. The survey also seeks to capture information about properties with green infrastructure such as permeable pavement, bioswales and rain barrels. 

Information obtained from the survey will help the Village set goals and develop programs for increasing the amount of biodiversity and green infrastructure in the community. 

The project stems from the Climate Ready Oak Park plan, which calls for the community to protect biodiversity — defined as the variety of life in a particular habitat — as a way of ensuring a well-functioning ecosystem. 

For more information about sustainability efforts in Oak Park, visit or email