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Get to know your RBO

July 31, 2014 - The Police Department is urging residents to get in touch with their local Resident Beat Officer for regular, localized updates on neighborhood safety. The seven police officers who make up the RBO program play an important role in crime prevention by spreading information and gathering feedback throughout the year.

"Community policing is a cornerstone of our strategy," said Chief Rick Tanksley. "The Resident Beat Officers are designed to be the eyes and ears of the Police Department in Oak Park's neighborhoods."

Resident Beat Officers live in the Village and keep their finger on the pulse of their assigned beats by hosting safety programs at schools and neighborhood meetings. School Resource Officers are an important part of this strategy, helping to link school security to overall neighborhood safety.

RBOs are available to come out and visit local clubs, block parties, neighborhood groups and nonprofits. They are also building their digital presence, and residents are encouraged to contact their RBOs about opportunities for online networking through neighborhood email lists or social media. Each RBO publishes a regular newsletter, hosts monthly beat meetings and maintains an email news list. In addition, crime maps are posted online each week using the latest available data from police analysts. Click here to find your Resident Beat Officer.

For more information on the Resident Beat Officer program, contact Sgt. Dave Jacobson at 708.358.5519 or