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Block Party Requests Set to Open March 1

Feb. 26, 2024The Village of Oak Park has long encouraged block parties as an inclusive and engaging way to strengthen community spirit, build camaraderie with neighbors and have fun. The request window for 2024 block events opened at 8 a.m. on Friday, March 1. Click here to view. The 2024 season begins on Friday, March 29 and concludes on Oct. 31.

Each block is limited to two events per season and there is no charge to host a block party or sale. Those events can be a block party, block sale or a combination of both. The total number of events is limited to 30 per weekend on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests must include the appropriate petition signed by at least 10 separate addresses on the block, or at least 75% of addresses on blocks with fewer than 10 houses. Petition forms must be received by the Village at least two weeks prior to the requested date(s).

The 2024 Village of Oak Park Block Party Guidelines & Petition is available here. The document also contains answers to many frequently asked questions.

The Village encourages blocks to make their events green. For a zero-waste event, residents are encouraged to produce less than 10% landfill waste. This means 90% of waste produced at the block party will either be recyclable or compostable. By signing up for a Green Block Party, residents receive a kit that includes: one 55-gallon compostable green bag, one 55-gallon clear bag for recyclables, one black 55-gallon trash bag, and three event boxes for trash, recycle and compost. Additional bags may need to be purchased by the organizer. Green block party kits can be re-used multiple times if handled gently. 

For more information about block events, please visit, call 708.358.5700 or e-mail

About Oak Park

The Village of Oak Park, located just nine miles west of downtown Chicago, offers a distinctive urban/suburban lifestyle in a thriving, multi-cultural community. Well-known for progressive values, tree-lined streets and bustling business districts, Oak Park serves as an ideal place to live, work and play. As a longstanding community of choice, the Village benefits from convenient access to local and regional transit, high-quality public schools, and arts and cultural attractions, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio and his acclaimed Unity Temple, which was recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.