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Backflow preventers required for radiator heating systems

With so many older Oak Park homes relying on boilers for heat, residents are reminded that federal, state and local regulations require a device that prevents any water from flowing back into and possibly contaminating the municipal water supply.

Cross connections between in-home devices and the public water supply typically are protected by a valve called a backflow preventer. Property owners must have these valves installed and checked annually. Most plumbing contractors can install backflow preventers and are certified to test them.

If your heat is supplied by radiators, the hot water boiler should have a backflow preventer, as should a water softener. Residential backflow preventers also are required for systems for filling swimming pools and water features, and on fire sprinkler systems.

Toilets, bathtubs, sinks, hot water heaters and other standard plumbing fixtures do not require backflow preventers.

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