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Police Department deploys body cameras

Field officers in the Oak Park Police Department are now equipped with officer-worn body cameras.

The Village Board approved the purchase of the cameras last year as part of a comprehensive technology platform that includes new in-car video systems and tasers.

The platform allows digital evidence to be reviewed by officers, with footage and live streams viewable in one central location, making it easier to proactively respond to threats, manage evidence and get a more comprehensive picture of an incident.

Due to a nationwide chip shortage, delivery of the in-car systems has been delayed until later this year.

The body-worn cameras automatically activate when an officer’s weapon is unholstered. Otherwise, officers must activate the cameras.

Once the new in-car video systems are implemented, the recordings will become even more automated as body-worn cameras will also be activated automatically when a police vehicle reaches a certain speed or its lights are turned on.

The rollout of the body-worn cameras fulfills a state law that requires law enforcement agencies to implement their use.

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