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Fire Department equipped, trained to save lives

When it comes to saving lives, every minute counts for the firefighter/paramedics responding to a 911 call.

That’s why every ambulance and fire engine deployed by the Oak Park Fire Department is equipped to deliver advance life support (ALS) at the scene.

Each of these vehicles carries intravenous (IV) supplies, cardiac monitors, ventilators and other items needed to care for a severely injured or ill patient.

In addition, all Village firefighters are certified paramedics trained to administer oxygen, drug therapy, CPR and cardiac monitoring as quickly as possible without having to wait until arriving at a hospital.

Equipment on the ambulances and engines also gathers and transmits important data about the patient that can help emergency room personnel be better prepared to respond appropriately when the ambulance arrives.

The Oak Park Fire Department always has two ambulances in service. The Village typically purchases new ambulances about every three years to stay equipped with the latest life-saving technology.

The ambulances are housed along with an ALS-equipped fire engine at the Main Fire Station on Euclid Avenue near Oak Park Avenue. The Village also has ALS-equipped fire engines at its north station on Augusta Street and south station on East Avenue.

About two-thirds of all emergency calls to the Oak Park Fire Department involve emergency medical services. The Oak Park Fire Department responded to more than 6,700 calls for service in 2016.

On average, it takes just under four minutes for a crew of five paramedics to arrive at the scene, a response rate that routinely bests national averages.

For more information about the Oak Park Fire Department’s emergency services, visit, email or call 708.358.5600.