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Health news

Back-to-school immunization…Local health officials are reminding parents and caregivers that all children attending Illinois schools, both public and private, need to show proof of required immunizations in order to attend class each fall. Parents and caregivers may contact the Oak Park Public Health Department at 708.358.5480 or with questions about which immunizations are required or how to access them.

Homebound services available…If you or a loved one are unable to access COVID or flu vaccines because you are homebound, the Oak Public Health Department will come to your residence to provide these immunizations. Please contact the Village’s public health nurse at 708.358.5480 or to schedule an appointment.  

Bee allergy registry…The Village allows residents to keep bees on their property, but will not issue a permit for an apiary on a property within 150 feet of a residence of a person with an anaphylactic reaction to bee stings. If you have been diagnosed with such an allergy by a licensed physician, please provide documentation to the Public Health Department at More information about beekeeping in Oak Park is at