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Tips for planning a great block party

The Village encourages block parties as a way to build community spirit, meet neighbors and have fun. Each block may sponsor two block parties per year, but since some weekends fill quickly, plan early to get preferred dates. A petition signed by at least 10 separate addresses on the block is required to schedule a block party. Approved petitions allow the neighborhood to close off a street to vehicle traffic for the entire day. Block party organizers are urged to remember the following rules:

  • Include everyone on the block — especially renters in multifamily buildings.
  • Use a north-south block. Due to public safety and traffic considerations, block parties are not allowed on east-west streets.
  • Make sure emergency vehicles can get through if needed. Tables, chairs or other items should not project more than six feet from the curb. And don’t stretch wires, ropes, nets, lights, banners or other items across the street.
  • Supervise children at all times. Even though the street may be closed, accidents can happen.
  • Use only street barricades provided by the Village. Cars parked in a street as a barricade may impede emergency vehicles, and could be ticketed.
  • Keep sidewalks clear. Sidewalks are public ways that may not be obstructed even during a block party.
  • Use only chalk for street and sidewalk art.
  • If alcohol is present, keep it on private property. Alcohol may not be sold.

For more information, call 708.358.5700 or email or visit

Make it green…Oak Parkers are invited to go green at their next block party. Residents who sign up for a green block party receive a kit that includes compostable bags and pop-up waste sorting boxes with signage indicating what waste goes where. Fun, interactive and kid-friendly activities are also available via local non-profit Green Community Connections. Find more information and an online sign-up form at