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Map-based information inventory continues to grow

The range of information tied to specific property addresses now available online is growing through the Village’s participation in the GIS Consortium, a collective of local governments working together to develop and implement new technologies they can share.

Simply by entering an Oak Park address on the Village website, users can see how their property is zoned or if it is in a historic district, information that can prove useful to remodeling and rehabilitation projects. Users also can identify a safe walking route to a neighborhood school, get detailed information about every parkway tree and find the nearest permit parking site.

Future additions will offer information about voting precincts, school boundaries and refuse hauling dates, with the details displayed tied to a specific address.

The geographic information systems capabilities also are helping improve the delivery of municipal services. Location-based data is helping Village departments allocate resources more efficiently for services such as plowing snow, repairing streets and replacing burned out street lamps.

Public safety officials also are able to tap a growing range of databases not viewable by the public for a wide range of critical facts such as fire hydrant locations and flow rates, registered residents whose special needs could affect emergency medical response strategies and police resource allocation tactics.

Also on the drawing board is a new public portal that will improve data navigation through more intuitive landing pages that will allow users to view specific data without turning on or off layers of unrelated information. For more information, visit

How to Search
Go to, type an Oak Park address in the window on the page and click find. The results will open in a new browser tab or window, displaying a location pin on a map in MapOffice, the proprietary application developed for the GIS Consortium. Click on the layers tab at the upper right corner of the page, choose Oak Park from the drop-down menu and check the options you wish to display. Zoom in or out and chose a map, photo or terrain view for the underlying image.