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Village to begin collecting leaves in November

Map of 2021 fall leaf collection scheduleThe Village and its contractors will collect fallen leaves from Nov. 1 through the week of Dec. 6, 2021. Six pickups are planned for each section of the Village as indicated on the map:

Leaves should be raked into the street at least 18 inches from the curb the day before the scheduled pickup dates. Leaves will be collected the following day.

Residents who miss a scheduled pickup date should keep their leaves on the parkway until the night before the next scheduled pickup.

Cooperation is essential to the success of program, so please follow these simple rules:

  • Consider composting or using the leaves as garden mulch instead of raking.
  • Rake leaves into the street the day before the scheduled pickup date.
  • Leaves only — do not add brush, grass clippings or yard waste.
  • Do not park on or near a pile of leaves, which can hinder leaf removal operations. Heat from a car also could ignite the leaves.
  • Rake leaves onto side streets whenever possible, avoiding major thoroughfares where piles of leaves might create traffic hazards.
  • Do not rake leaves into or close to cul de sacs or traffic diverters — the equipment needs room to operate.
  • Do not rake leaves into or close to bus shelters or bicycle racks.
  • Keep catch basins clear of raked leaves to avoid flooding.
  • Inform landscape services of the leaf collection schedule.
  • Obey all parking restrictions — regulations will be strictly enforced.
  • Dampen piles after raking to avoid leaves being blown by the wind.
  • Drive carefully. Leaves are slippery when wet and large piles may hinder visibility.
  • Be alert — crews may need to create safe work zones and briefly close intersections while removing large leaf piles.

For more information call 358.5700 or email