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New campaign launched: Village program supports energy efficiency to lower costs, help environment

With the goal of improving energy efficiency across the community, the Village has launched the Better Homes, Better Planet campaign to link property owners to information, financial support and other resources that can help them plan for a more sustainable future.

Officials hope that by focusing on making homes more energy efficient, Oak Parkers can do their part to help combat climate change and reduce the community’s carbon footprint, while also saving money by lowering their utility bills.

The Better Homes, Better Planet campaign is anchored by a new website at

In addition to website information on grants, loans and other locally administered programs, Village staff also can provide information on regional and national programs Oak Parkers can explore for ideas on how to make their homes more energy efficient.

Oak Park residents have a range of options for improving the energy efficiency of their homes — whether they be a homeowner or renter living in a single-family home or multifamily building.

Just by signing up for Community Solar at, for example, residents can help support a regional solar farm and receive guaranteed monthly savings on electricity through net metering credits for the solar electricity they helped generate.

Residents who want to take the step of adding solar panels to a rooftop can tap into the Village’s energy efficiency grant program that covers 50 percent of the installation cost up to $10,000.

The local energy efficiency grant program also provides up to $10,000 to homeowners to cover all or part of the cost for improving the heating, air conditioning and weatherization of their homes.

Eligible improvements include sealing and repairing walls, windows and doors, and properly insulating attics, walls and pipes, simple steps that can help residents save money by using less energy to heat and cool their homes.

Residents who meet certain income levels may qualify for even more financial support beyond what the Village can provide directly.

A free home energy assessment is the first step. An energy assessment professional will recommend ways to save energy. Assessments also include installing free or discounted energy-saving products such as LEDs, programmable thermostats and faucet aerators.

Answering a few short questions on the website is all it takes to get started unlocking cost savings and helping protect the environment.
For more information, visit or email