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About that garage sale…

A maximum of two garage sales may be held by members of one residence and/or family during any calendar year. Garage sales are intended for disposing of personal property, not for merchandise purchased for resale or on consignment. A permit is not required. However, certain rules do apply:

  • Sales are limited to the daylight hours of no more than three consecutive days.
  • Items must be displayed within a garage, residence, carport and/or rear yard, unless it is a neighborhood sale.
  • Advertising signs may be displayed only on the property where the sale is held, and only while the sale is in progress.
  • Signs may not be larger than eight square feet or displayed on public property including light poles, sign posts or on or above the public parkways or sidewalks.

Remember, the individual conducting the sale and the owner or tenant of the premises where the sale is being held is responsible for maintaining order at the sale site and may be subject to penalty for any violations of garage sale rules. For more information, call 708.358.5700 or e-mail