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Pet ownership comes with responsibilities

Pets are an important part of many households in Oak Park. Along with the companionship they provide come responsibilities for the owner to ensure the health and safety of the pet and the community. 

Leashes required...Dog owners are reminded that all dogs that use any street, sidewalk, parkway or public area within Oak Park must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet controlled by the owner. The Park District of Oak Park offers two areas where dogs can run off leash in Maple Park and Ridgeland Common. Both dog parks are free to Oak Park residents who have obtained a dog park pass. Find more information on the Park District website

Picking up...It is the responsibility of all pet owners to pick up after their pets in order to avoid fines and keep public spaces clean. Pet owners are also urged to put their pet’s waste in their own refuse container rather than a neighbor’s. 

More information about Animal Control is available on the Village website at