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Share a compliment, file a complaint
The Oak Park Police Department’s community-based policing philosophy relies on citizen involvement. Residents and visitors who interact with Police are invited to share a compliment if an encounter was helpful or file a complaint if they feel they were treated unfairly or improperly. While compliments are welcomed, complaints are investigated. Visit for links to the complaint and compliment online forms.

Updates and tips…Oak Park’s residential beat officers hold regular meetings in the neighborhoods they serve to discuss issues and crime trends, and answer questions. They also provide helpful, practical information for residents in a monthly newsletter via email. For more details, including dates, times and locations of meetings, and to sign up for email from your beat officer, visit

Bicycle registration…A new online form allows residents to easily register their bicycles as required by local law. Residents who register their bicycles will receive a difficult-to-remove decal that will allow easy identification should a registered bicycle be stolen and later recovered. The decal also serves as a deterrent to thieves because the bicycle can be easily traced to its owner. More details and a link to the online registration form are posted at

Safe drug disposal…Residents can safely dispose of expired and unwanted prescription medicines in the lobby of the Oak Park Police Department at Village Hall, 123 Madison St. Needles and other medical wastes are not accepted. Safe disposal of drugs is increasingly important, as trace residues of some medications can turn up in the water supply when prescription drugs are flushed down a drain or toilet. For more information on the drug collection service call 708.386.3800 or email

Request an escort…Any resident uneasy about walking to or from a public transit stop, public garage or other site in the community may contact the Police Department for an escort from dusk until dawn. Please consider seeking assistance from friends and family first, since officers may be needed for emergency calls. Call 708.386.3800 for information or an escort.

Follow the Police…Residents can view regular updates related to public safety in Oak Park on Facebook at and on Twitter at (@VOPpolice).

Don’t hesitate to call 911…If you see unusual activity, suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to call 911 immediately.