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Marijuana use poses real health risks

Oak Park health officials warn that just because marijuana is legal does not mean that it is safe. Underage marijuana use can lead to particularly negative health consequences related to adolescent development. Consumers also are urged to avoid ingesting cannabis via e-cigarettes until the cause of a dangerous and sometimes fatal lung disease tied to vaping is determined. The Center for Disease Control outlines the following as additional marijuana health risks:

  • Daily or near-daily marijuana use can affect memory, learning and attention, effects that can last a week more after use
  • Using marijuana during pregnancy or while breastfeeding may harm the baby, just like alcohol or tobacco
  • Marijuana use has been linked to anxiety, depression and schizophrenia, but scientists don’t yet know whether it directly causes these diseases
  • Smoking any product, including marijuana, can damage lungs and cardiovascular systems

For more information about the health risks associated with marijuana use, contact the Health Department at or 708.358.5480.

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