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Ways to Save

Smaller carts – Oak Parkers who opt for a refuse cart the same size as the recycling container can save $5.28 per month, or $15.84 on each quarterly bill under the new rate structure. About a third of residences served by the Village hauling contractor have chosen this option since it was first offered in 2004. Additional recycling bins are available at no cost. Call 708.358.5700 or email for more information.

Compost – More than 900 Oak Park households are participating in the Village’s composting program CompostAble, which reduces the amount of organic waste like table scraps and food-soiled containers that otherwise would end up in the refuse container. While the program does have an additional cost — $14 per month — neighbors can share a cart. Participants also can use the composting cart for yard waste, eliminating the need to buy bags and stickers for disposal. Call 708.358.5700 or email for     more information.

Conserve water – Because Oak Park relies on Lake Michigan water, much of the cost consumers pay is beyond the control of local government. But how much water a household uses can be managed through conservation. Oak Parkers who take steps to use less water can reduce their water and sewer bills. Simple moves like turning off the water while brushing teeth, installing low-flow showerheads and using the quick wash option on a dishwasher can significantly reduce indoor water use. More water conservation tips are posted at