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Village launches community solar program

In 2020, Oak Park became the first municipality in Illinois to launch a community solar savings program. Program participants receive credits on their bills for their share of the electricity generated by a community solar farm. The credits reduce the ComEd electricity supply charges by up to 20 percent.

How does community solar work?
Community solar projects generate electricity and distribute the power into the electric grid. Virtually any electric customer within ComEd’s service territory can participate. Each subscriber receives monthly metering credits based on the size of their subscription. Oak Park participants currently are supporting a new solar installation in Plainfield.

What are the benefits of community solar?
Community solar projects offer an easy way to support clean energy generation while helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Oak Park’s program does not have upfront costs, will not lock residents into a long-term contract and guarantees savings if the subscriber follows a few simple steps. Unlike other subscription offers available in the market, the Oak Park community solar program requires no credit check or minimum credit scores.

How Do I Sign-Up?
Visit to join the waitlist. Residents must provide information from their ComEd bill when signing up. After completing the sign-up form, residents will receive an email from mc2 Community Solar with the steps to enroll. Similar sounding solicitations from companies other than mc2 are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Village of Oak Park.

How Does Billing Work?
The community solar program employs a two-stage billing process. After enrolling, new subscribers receive metering credits on their monthly ComEd statement. Then, after receiving credits from ComEd, mc2 will bill residents for 80 percent of the solar generation credits, leaving customers with 20 percent of the credits. The monthly bill from mc2 will include a report showing how the subscriber’s participation in the program impacted the environment during the billing cycle.

For more detailed information on billing and answers to the most frequently asked questions, visit Information also is available at 708.358.5778 or