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Goal 4: Infrastructure

Smart Goals:

  • Explore the necessary planning to make Oak Park a SMART City
  • Reduce water loss
  • Ensure the safety and security of the Village's water supply


  • Investigate and provide an initial SMART City report
  • Identify sources of funding and return on investment analysis
  • Prioritize capital projects
  • Review staff's report on water loss and implement feasible options to address any identified issues
  • Continue with Pilot Water Filter Program and make adjustments if necessary

Facilities Vision Statement: Maintain facilities in a fiscally responsible manner commensurate with residents' needs and standards given the cost of living in Oak Park

SMART Goals:

  • Increase safety and disability access
  • Maintain facilities to improve functionality and avoid deferred maintenance


  • Evaluate options for new or improved police facility. Review facility needs assessment report. Review financing options
  • Obtain or review facilities needs reports for all structures

Parking Vision Statement: Make parking increasingly available, fair, equitable and understandable

SMART Goals:

  • Improve lighting, appearances and striping in all VOP garages
  • Make good investments in parking technology
  • Maximize parking availability for all users in the Pilot area
  • Ensure that pedestrian and bicycle traffic move safely in Oak Park
  • Automobile traffic moves safely and efficiently throughout the Village. Decrease traffic backups.
  • Reduce residential speeding. Increase compliance with rules of the road


  • Regularly review parking structures and address issues
  • Stay abreast of parking technology opportunities
  • Acquire feedback and report to the board with recommendations
  • Work to improve a more pedestrian and bike friendly community
  • Implement Traffic Management Software System and evaluate effectiveness
  • Police focus on residential speeding campaigns
  • Improve signals in DTOP
  • Maximize 1-290 overpass opportunities