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Goal 2: Economic Development

  1. Madison Street:
    • Establish and commit to a plan for Madison & Oak Park Avenue by December 31, 2018
      • Finalize direction on Road Diet and Bend
      • Resolve expiration of Madison TIF
    • Facilitate redevelopment of vacant lots and vacant buildings
  2. Marketing/Branding:
    • Assess and leverage marketing plans of OPEDC & Chamber of Commerce
  3. Business Districts:
    • DTOP:
      • Finalize Lake Street resurfacing plan
      • Complete Harlem & South and restore surrounding infrastructure
      • Break ground on Albion and minimize impact on DTOP
    • Reduce commercial vacancies
    • Promote new development & businesses
    • Increase vitality across all business districts
    • Uniform code enforcement throughout Village
    • Implement façade improvement grant program
  4. Use Type
    • Seek out diverse use types; including Class A Office Space and medium size employers
    • Recruit and maintain sales tax generating businesses
  5. General
    • Increase Oak Park annual sales tax revenue to $8.5 million by 2025
    • Develop plan to communicate and coordinate with business districts during any construction.  Make attempts to time construction in consideration of business district needs.
    • The Village will work to maintain its current affordable housing stock and explore new ways to advance additional affordable housing units
    • Increase EAV by $800 million as a result of new private investment between 2015 and 2025
    • Increase the population by an additional 3,000 residents between 2015 (pop. 51,774 ) and 2025 (pop. Goal 54,774)