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Goal 1: Service Delivery/Customer Service

  1. Public Safety: 
    • Prioritize public safety as our number one priority and allocate funds accordingly
    • Explore increased use of public safety cameras, improved lighting, additional staff and other proactive investments to ensure that the police and fire department have all the resources necessary to make the Village safe
    • Implement initiatives that increase public safety in high needs areas and across the Village as a whole
  2. Communication: 
    • Frequently communicate Village news 
    • Establish and regularly update Police and Fire Department Facebook pages 
    • Increase social media followers across all current channels, to the level below:

      Social Media Subscribers (1/1/18) Goal by 12/31/18
      Facebook 8,162 15,000
      YouTube 813 2,000
      Twitter 5,624 10,000
      InstaGram 1,338 2,000
    • Strengthen content of website
  3. Customer Service:
    • Provide exceptional customer service
    • Encourage innovation and technology improvements
    • Promote a decision making environment that promotes diversity and equity
    • Establish a Commission on Seniors to inform the Village on policies related to aging in place