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Electric aggregation tied to ComEd rate, supports renewable initiatives

The Village of Oak Park has adopted a 24-month electricity aggregation contract that ensures participants won’t pay more than the ComEd energy rate and provides support for Illinois-based regional renewable energy facilities.

The contract with MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2), which will be effective with the October/November 2019 meter reads, ensures aggregation participants will never pay more than those customers whose electricity is supplied by ComEd.

In addition, the electricity supply rate includes the three-tenths of one cent per kilowatt hour fee that goes into a Village fund created in 2015 to help support local renewable energy projects.

The new contract also includes access by Oak Park residents and small businesses to community solar subscriptions from facilities in northern Illinois that are expected to come online in late 2019 and throughout 2020. More information on this option will be provided by mc2.

Electricity aggregation allows municipalities to bundle residential and smaller business accounts, then use competitive bidding to seek lower rates from alternate suppliers. Aggregation does not alter the actual delivery of electricity, which is provided by ComEd. In fact, consumers have the option of choosing from retail electric suppliers approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Officials urge those who elect to choose an electricity provider from the state’s list to read the fine print carefully. Contracts may contain unexpected fees and penalties to cancel.

For answers to questions about Oak Park’s Community Choice Electricity Aggregation Program, call 708.358.5778 or email