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Pet ownership comes with responsibilities

Pets are an important part of many households in Oak Park. Along with the companionship they provide come responsibilities for the owner to ensure the health and safety of the pet and the community.

  • Licensing – All dogs and outdoor cats in Oak Park are required to display a current animal license. New licenses must be obtained in person at Village Hall, but annual renewals can be completed online. Licensing is a vital part of the recovery process if a pet runs away from home. A telephone call from Animal Control often is all it takes to reunite lost or strayed pets with their owners — provided the pets have been licensed and are wearing tags. New residents must provide current rabies vaccination information to license their pets. Proof of spaying and neutering means a reduced license fee.
  • Leashes – As in most Chicago-area cities and towns, leashes are required for all dogs that use any public street, sidewalk, parkway or public area. Leashes can’t be longer than eight feet. Owners who allow their dogs to run off leash may be ticketed and fined. The Park District of Oak Park offers areas where dogs can run off leash. Visit for more information.
  • Picking Up – Responsible pet owners agree that picking up after one’s dog is the right thing to do. Dog excrement is not only a nuisance, it’s unhealthy and against the law. And don’t put your pet’s waste in a neighbor’s container. Take it home to your container.
  • Limitations – Village ordinance limits the number of pets on private premises, depending on the animal and household type. Don’t worry — the vast majority of households will never run afoul of this ordinance, as it allows a wide variety of pet combinations. Visit for more information on keeping pets at home.
  • Report Violations – Anyone observing a dog not on a leash or an owner not picking up after a pet can report the violation by calling 708.358.5680 or emailing