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Recycling options abound

Oak Park residents served under the Village refuse hauling contract have more options available than most communities to help reduce the typical contaminants found in recycling carts, including At Your Door pick up of electronics and common hazardous household waste such as cleaning solutions and vehicle fluids.

In addition, Oak Park offers a fee-based composting program that allows participants to toss most soiled paper and food containers like pizza boxes into a special cart. Foam containers and plastic bags remain a challenge, officials say, but clean plastic bags can be returned to most major grocery and big-box stores for proper recycling. The Village also has a bag fee to encourage residents to rely on reusable bags.

Last year in Oak Park, haulers collected about 4,300 tons of household recyclables and 3,600 tons of food scraps and yard waste for composting. Another 78 tons of household hazardous waste materials were collected from more than 1,900 At Your Door pickups. More information is posted at