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Owners responsible for storm debris on private property

When severe weather creates debris from trees on private property, owners are reminded not to bring limbs or brush to the curb, but make other arrangements for its disposal.

Public Works crews pick up debris only from parkway trees — a big job with nearly 19,000 trees on public property throughout the Village.

However, brush from private property will be treated as yard waste if it is tied into bundles, each tagged with a green yard waste sticker and placed in the regular refuse pick-up area. Each bundle should be no larger than two feet in diameter, four feet in length and not exceed 50 pounds.

Yard waste stickers are $2.50 each and are available at most Village grocery and hardware stores, as well as in the cashier’s office at Village Hall, 123 Madison St. Yard waste is collected from about April through November.

The Village’s contract refuse hauler also will come to a home and estimate the cost for removing larger, unbundled quantities of yard waste — call 888.656.5350 to request an estimate.

Refuse collection is funded by user fees billed quarterly with the water bill, rather than property taxes, an approach that means only those properties that require the service pay. About half of Oak Park’s 26,000 residential addresses are in multifamily buildings.

For more information on yard waste, recycling and refuse hauling, call 708.358.5700 or email