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Inspectors protecting public, maintaining aesthetics

Village property inspectors are checking single-family homes and apartment buildings for visible code violations to ensure public safety and community aesthetics as part of the Neighborhood Walk Program.

Village code requires grass and weeds to be cut below eight inches, including in parkways, alleys, parking pads and between garages. Debris that often collects under porches and stairwells during the winter also should be removed, and peeling paint should be scrapped and repainted.

For nuisance violations such as garbage, debris and overgrown vegetation, inspectors will leave a notice on the door as a reminder to clean up and remove the materials. However, for building maintenance issues related to code violations that pose a danger, the property owner will be notified by mail.

If you receive a violation letter, please take care of the repairs within the period specified in the letter.

For more information call 708.358.5430 or email