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May 8 deadline to choose all-green electricity

Participants in the Village’s electricity aggregation program have only through May 8 to choose electricity from renewable sources that have less impact on the environment.

The program’s new supplier, Constellation Energy, is offering the option of all-green power, but only to those who call 1.800.718.1493 to make the choice.

Residents who have participated in the Village program should have received information in the mail from the Village and Constellation with details about the new contract and consumer options.

Aggregation program participants have the following options:

  • Do nothing and be enrolled automatically in the Village’s new base aggregation contract, which uses the least expensive sources of electricity;
  • Call the toll-free number in the notice from the Village and choose Constellation’s all-green supply option; or
  • Opt out of the Village aggregation program by returning the card included in the notice received by mail or by calling Constellation.

Residents who opt out of the Village program will default to the state-approved ComEd rate unless they choose a supplier from a list of companies allowed to provide electricity in Illinois. Residents who choose to seek their own supplier are cautioned to carefully read the terms of any agreement before they decide.

Oak Parkers interested in exploring electricity suppliers other than Constellation, can visit and compare offers from a wide range of companies approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission to sell power in the state.

In addition to the change in the cost of electricity, utility bills also will include a higher delivery charge, an expense that is beyond the control of local governments. Customers who examine their bill will see the cost of power and its delivery listed separately.

Regardless of who customers choose as their electricity supplier, ComEd will continue to manage the delivery system and be responsible for service problems and billing issues.
The Village Board chose Constellation Energy through an online auction.

Constellation’s bid of 7.47 cents per kilowatt hour was the lowest of three proposals submitted for a contract beginning June 1. Constellation’s all-green option is 7.57 cents per kilowatt hour.

Oak Park’s contract with Constellation is for one year. The Village likely will go back onto the open market in the spring of 2015 to seek new bids from electricity suppliers.

More information on the Community Choice Aggregation Program is posted at

Your Options

  • Easiest: Do nothing. You will be enrolled automatically in the Village’s base contract from Constellation Energy. At 7.47 cents per kilowatt hour, this is the most affordable option, but it is not green energy.
  • Greenest: Call 1.800.718.1493 to enroll in Constellation’s all-green energy option. This option will add about $1 to the average homeowner’s monthly bill compared to the base contract. You will need your ComEd account number.
  • More Options: Opt out of the Village’s program and default to ComEd’s state-approved rate, or choose from a variety of suppliers at