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Reduce chances of basement flooding

Property owners can help reduce the chances of backups during heavy rain by disconnecting gutter downspouts from the municipal sewer system. Storm water from roof gutters is not a problem on normal flow days with minimal precipitation. However, during heavy rain events, the main system can become overwhelmed, sometimes causing sewage and storm water to back up into basements. Simply by eliminating water flowing from gutters into the sewer system, property owners can help reduce the chances of a backup from the Village’s combined sewer and storm water system. More information on flooding prevention is posted at

Disconnection Tips

  • Extend downspouts at least three feet away from the building foundation
  • Direct flow away from building
  • Pick a suitable area for water to flow such as a grassy area
  • Use a splash block at end of the extension to avoid erosion
  • Avoid placing extension across a sidewalk
  • Don’t flow water onto sidewalks or driveways where it could freeze
  • Cap sewer where downspout once connected