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Officials assess demographic trends

Representatives of Oak Park’s six taxing bodies recently bored deep into a snapshot of community demographics from 2000 to 2010. A presentation by the Village included details on housing, incomes, transportation costs, employment status and other factors that can affect public policy strategies that serve both current and perspective residents.

The gathering was the third annual InterGovernmental Assembly — or iGov — where elected officials and senior staff share information, discuss potential collaborative opportunities and talk about present and future challenges.

Highlights of the presentation on demographics included data showing that the senior population increased both numerically and as a percentage of population. Oak Park’s racial diversity has grown as well, including a sizeable increase in residents who identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Analysis of the data also confirmed that mixed use and multi-family rental developments under construction and in review could go a long way toward meeting current demand.

In addition, the presentation included data showing that foreclosure filings have slowed dramatically since their peak in 2011.

More information on the iGov meeting, including the demographic presentation, is posted at