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Village comments on 1000 Lake Street meeting

Jan. 27, 2017 - With interest growing in potential development plans for the property located at 1000 Lake Street, Village officials took steps Friday to clarify the plan development process.

Albion Residential, a development company based in Chicago, is holding a neighborhood meeting on Monday, Jan. 30 at the 19th Century Club, 178 Forest Ave., to discuss its proposal for the site on the northwest corner of Lake Street and Forest Avenue with nearby residents and businesses.

Village Planner Craig Failor stressed that the Village of Oak Park does not have a role in Monday’s meeting, and Village staff and public officials intentionally will not participate. The Village staff and elected official’s role begins when a development application is made to the Village of Oak Park.

“The developer has not submitted a formal application at this time,” Failor said. “While Monday’s meeting offers an opportunity for the private developers to have a conversation with the neighborhood, it is not a public meeting where Village staff or elected officials take part.”

Failor went on to provide detail that if a formal plan development application is made by Albion Residential, Village staff will review the plans and schedule a public hearing before the Village’s Plan Commission at Village Hall. Following the public hearing, the Plan Commission will openly debate the plan before making a recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees, which ultimately determines whether the planned development should or should not be approved.

“It’s important to keep in mind that from the Village’s standpoint, the plan development process doesn’t begin until a formal application is submitted for review by the Plan Commission,” Failor said.

The Village’s zoning ordinance requires that developers hold a neighborhood meeting and serve notice of the meeting to property owners and businesses within 500 feet of the property in question prior to submitting a formal development application. The purpose of these meetings is to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback that can be incorporated into the initial application that goes to the Village’s Plan Commission.

Monday’s neighborhood meeting would fulfill this requirement for Albion Residential, which is reportedly in negotiations to purchase the property at 1000 Lake Street from the current property owner.

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