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Traffic calming toolbox offers remedies for neighborhood issues

With more than 100 miles of local streets in Oak Park, the Village has always relied on residents to help identify neighborhood traffic issues.

But rather than expecting residents to ask for a specific solution such as a new stop sign, the focus now is on residents identifying the problem and the Village relying on a defined process to identify the most effective solution.

The process begins when an Oak Park resident submits a petition asking the Village to address a neighborhood traffic problem. The petition must be signed by residents representing at least 51 percent of the properties along the street frontage affected by the issue.

Residents are not expected to request a specific fix. The Village relies on a list of proven options and analytical tools to come up with the most effective solution for traffic problems common on residential streets.

This Traffic Calming Toolbox includes the requisite resident petition to get the process started, a scoring table to help assess the situation analytically and a matrix of tools most likely to offer relief. The toolbox is posted on the Village website at

All requests go through a thorough public review before the citizen volunteers on the Transportation Commission, which advises the Village Board on matters related to parking and transportation.

During these public meetings, the Transportation Commission reviews petitions and traffic data, listens to public testimony, discusses the available options and makes recommendations to the Village Board, which must approve any final action.

Village staff can guide residents through the petition and review process. For assistance, email or call 708.358.5700 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays and ask for the Engineering Division.