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Police building private camera network

June 17, 2019 - Fresh off the launch of a new online tool for citizens to upload videos that might help solve neighborhood crimes, Police are taking the next logical step — urging citizens to register their cameras and help create a community-wide network.

Looking for nearby private cameras has become routine for officers when they canvas a neighborhood after a crime has been reported. By setting up a more formal, but voluntary camera registration process, Police say investigators would know almost immediately if video evidence might be available at a particular location and who to contact to retrieve it.

Both residential and commercial property owners are invited to register their surveillance cameras. Police say registrant information and any video files they provide will be kept confidential and only be used in crime investigations.

Earlier this year the Police Department launched a new website feature that allows camera owners to upload videos and photographs they think might be helpful in solving neighborhood crimes in an effort to tap the growing number of home surveillance video cameras.

To register a camera with the Police Department or to upload a video directly to investigators, just go to and follow the instructions.

For more information about the Oak Park Police Department, visit, email or call 708.386.3800.