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Owners responsible for disposal of storm debris from private property

Nov. 1, 2019 – When severe weather creates debris from trees on private property, owners are reminded not to bring limbs or brush to the curb, but make other arrangements for its disposal.

Public Works crews only pick up debris from parkway trees – a big job with nearly 19,000 trees on public property throughout the Village.

Refuse collection is funded by user fees billed quarterly with the water bill, rather than property taxes, an approach that means only those properties that require the service pay.

About half of Oak Park’s 26,000 residential addresses are in multifamily buildings, many of which have contracts with private haulers and are not served by the Village program.

Residents also are urged not to include brush and other organic debris in leaves put out for collection during the annual seasonal program. Items other than leaves can interfere with the recycling process used by the waste hauler.

For more information on yard waste, leaf collection and refuse hauling, call 708.358.5700 or email