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Online portal down temporarily for upgrades

Jan. 4, 2018 – Oak Park businesses will be able to pay their local taxes online beginning next week, as VillageView, Oak Park’s widget-driven software system, expands.

The system, which links multiple Village databases to streamline and automate information processing, will go down at 5 p.m., Thurs., Jan 4, but is scheduled to be back online by Mon., Jan. 8 with new features.

In addition to the new online local tax payment feature, updates to the system will include offering registration of alarms, including fire, burglar and medical. Health inspection information also will be added to data base.

The system currently allows citizens to report problems they observe in their neighborhoods, search for information about their properties such as its zoning classification, check to make sure a contractor they may be considering for a project has a current local license, and search and track building permits by address.

Contractors also can use the system to register with the Village, apply for a range of permits and update permit submittal materials.

Business and multifamily building owners also use the portal to apply for their licenses online and pay fees via credit card.

While citizens and contractors benefit most visibly from the online interface, behind the scenes VillageView means more effective and efficient communication inside Village Hall.

Multiple Village operations are able to easily share information through VillageView, a key advantage of the system since more than one municipal function often must be involved in solving problems or keeping a construction projects on track.

Launched in spring of 2016, the software solution first focused on managing property-related information. Long-range plans envision VillageView as the foundation of a virtual Village Hall, with a wide range of popular resources available anytime via a computer, tablet or mobile telephone.

For more information on VillageView, email – or after the system goes back on line Monday, visit and give the system a try.