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Community Portal provides property information at your fingertips

Oct. 20, 2017 - Residents interested in really getting to know the details of their Oak Park properties have a new online resource available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at

Just by entering an address into the portal search window on a computer, pad or smartphone, users can link to a wide range of property-specific information.

The initial Community Portal page displayed after the address search immediately lists how the specific property is zoned and its PIN (property identification number) that also is a live link directly to the tax and sales history information maintained by Cook County.

Other important details about specific properties accessible through the portal include names and contact information for elected officials at all levels, recycling and refuse schedules, overnight parking permit maps, nearby public transportation sites and voting precinct and polling location.

The underlying databases driving the new user-friendly community property information portal also includes information not viewable by the public that is helping to improve the delivery of municipal services. Authorized Village staff can view data such as fire hydrant locations and flow rates, registered residents with special needs that could affect emergency medical response strategies and police resource allocation tactics.

In addition, the Village is compiling location-based data that can help allocate municipal resoures more efficiently for services such as plowing snow, repairing streets and replacing burned out street lamps.

The ability to provide residents with specific information about their properties is tied to Oak Park’s participation in the GIS Consortium, a collective of local governments working together to develop and implement new technologies they can share.

More information on the consortium is posted at