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Eye on the Ike - Letter of Intent

The content of a proposed draft letter of intent between the Village of Oak Park and Illinois Department of Transportation for the reconstruction of the I-290 Eisenhower Expressway will be discussed at a Village Board study session scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Mon., July 11, 2016, in council chamber of Village Hall, 123 Madison St.. The meeting also will be streamed live online and broadcast on VOP-TV, which is available on Comcast channel 6 and AT&T Uverse channel 99.

Comments and direction received at this meeting will be incorporated into a draft letter that will be discussed at a regular Village Board meeting on July 18, 2016. A proposed final document will be considered for adoption at the Aug. 1, 2016 Village Board meeting.

Residents are invited to review the information provided below, then share their comments with the Village Board prior to the meeting.

Comments may be posted on this page until noon, Mon., July 11, 2016. All comments will be provided to the Village Board prior to the evening meeting.

Comments will be moderated and will not appear immediately. Comments expressed on this page do not reflect the opinions or positions of the Village of Oak Park municipal government or its officers and employees. However, Village staff may reply to comments to clarify information or provide details that may be requested in a post.

Meeting Materials for Review


Submitted by Fred Brandstrader on

Please my full comments in my email, dated 7/10/16, to the board. Two general comments include:
• Revise any reference to “Village Cost” to “non-IDOT Cost” – at this stage of the project / negotiations, it would not be prudent to lock-in the Village as the single source of cost responsibility by referring to a cost as a ‘Village Cost”….the Village has not begun the full research process of alternate source of funding and funding partnerships for any non-IDOT funded component.
• Revise any reference to any “Cost” to “approx. Cost” – at this stage of the project nothing is designed to a degree that a valid “cost” has been estimated/quantified. Any reference to a cost at this stage is really an “approx. cost estimate”. We certainly don’t want IDOT to reference this LOI that states an IDOT COST when in reality the cost comes in higher than what is written in this LOI, which could allow IDOT to response…”the LOI stated the IDOT’s cost was X and someone else is responsible for the whatever the additional cost may be” for that IDOT-item.