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Eye on the Ike – Noise Walls, CTA Blue Line Vision

The possible role of noise walls in helping reduce the impact of traffic sounds on nearby neighborhoods after the Eisenhower Expressway is reconstructed will be discussed at a Village Board study session scheduled for 7 p.m., Mon., Oct. 26, 2015 in Village Hall, 123 Madison St.

The CTA also will present the latest information on its vision for the future of the 55-year-old Forest Park Branch of the Blue Line.

Residents are invited to review the information provided below on noise walls and CTA plans, then share their comments on either or both topics with the Village Board prior to the meeting.

Comments may be posted on this page until noon, Mon., Oct. 26, 2015. All comments will be provided to the Village Board prior to the evening meeting.

Comments will be moderated and will not appear immediately. Comments expressed on this page do not reflect the opinions or positions of the Village of Oak Park municipal government or its officers and employees. However, Village staff may reply to comments to clarify information or provide details that may be requested in a post.

Noise Wall Information

IDOT has used federal selection guidelines to determine which properties near the expressway would benefit from a noise wall. The owners and tenants of the of properties that meet the guidelines will be asked to vote on whether or not noise walls will be installed along the expressway as part of the planned improvements. IDOT will host three public forums to discuss noise walls with residents of communities affected by the project.

Forums are scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. as follows:

  • Oct. 27: Chicago Marriott, 625 S. Ashland Ave.
  • Oct. 28: Carleton of Oak Park, 1110 Pleasant St.
  • Oct. 29: Best Western Hillside, 4400 Frontage Rd.

Each forum will include a short presentation on the I-290 planning process, noise analysis methodology and findings. Exhibits also will be on display and attendees will have an opportunity to speak with IDOT and study team representatives.

After the forums, ballots will be sent to all property owners and tenants who would benefit from a noise wall, as determined under federal guidelines. IDOT mailed information about the meetings to residents whose property is near enough to the highway to be part of the noise wall vote. Many of the IDOT documents related to noise and air quality are posted on this website.



Submitted by Peter Frost on

Curious why the northern stretch of I-290 between East Ave. and Ridgeland Ave. is the only stretch on Oak Park that will not get noise wall consideration. I find this curious. Please publish the findings of the study, and please consider extending the wall in this area. If not, noise could funnel into this area.

Submitted by Matthew Holly on

Living at scoville and Harrison with a condo unit facing south towards 290 has been quite the experience for the past 7 years. Walls are absolutely needed here as currently the only barrier is a chain link fence and a grass hill! There is no sound protection at all, let alone a wall to prevent the access to the express way simply by walking down the grass hill at scoville. I have a blackout curtain, wear ear plugs, and run an a/c. The ability to live and sell my home would be improved if there was a wall here. Absolutely is a glaring hole that the noise flows right up an open grass hill into the condo units.

Submitted by Josh Vanderberg on

I live a block and a half away from the monster of a wall that's planned for the end of my street. It doesn't appear that this wall is going to decrease noise much, if at all for most of the neighborhood. But it appears the only people who get to vote on it are those people who live in the tall apartment buildings at the end of the block.

Submitted by on

Will the maps that show the noise wall locations be updated to include the expanded bridge decks (as previously discussed by the Board and IDOT) at the various bridge crossings ?

Submitted by John Mac Manus on

Thank you to the Board for the work you are doing on the planning for the 1-290 reconstruction. However, we must inform you that our family, neighbors and friends are not “on board” with the design of the ramps which will have a major impact on our neighborhood. We are also extremely concerned about the proposed noise walls. We could potentially loose the views to the conservatory and our parks and increase the separation of our community created by the Expressway.
Thank you.

Submitted by Paul on

Is IDOT trying to completely ignore the fact that we want expanded decking at OP Ave and Rehm (between East and Gunderson) as was depicted in the Dec 2014 letter of intent draft? OP Staff and Council, please do not let go of this idea and please do not let IDOT walk all over us?

On a separate note. These presentations need considerably more detail and explanation. One should be able to read these slides without verbal commentary.

Submitted by Megan on

Any reason given for the "Not Acoustically Feasible" along the northside of the East-Ridgeland stretch should be highly scrutinized given that IDOT's own building sits right there. It's easy to understand the incentive for employee's of IDOT (who work in that building) to sway this. Truth is, the 800 blocks of Gunderson and Scoville "enjoy" a notable tunneling affect with the Ike noise, especially when winds are South or West (majority of the time). This stretch needs something for the noise. Thank you.

Submitted by jacqueline on

Can someone from the Village Board/Staff confirm whether or not IDOT is required by law, as part of their planned expressway project for I-290, to make the noise level generated from the expressway be compliant with the code-required standards (which if I read correctly is supposed to be between 65dB - 75dB per the real estate use through the Oak Park section)? And if the answer is yes, again if I read correctly,IDOT states that their noise wall doesn't even come close to reducing the noise to that code-required level (a drop from the current 200dB to only 195db - which looks like a barely noticeable difference) - so why is the Village only considering a noise wall? They don't solve the problem and would be a waste of money....