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Eye on the Ike - Traffic/pedestrian movements at Austin & Harlem

Traffic flow and pedestrian movements at the Harlem Avenue and Austin Boulevard interchanges will be discussed at a Village Board study session scheduled for 7 p.m., Mon., July 13 in Village Hall, 123 Madison St., as plans progress to reconstruct Interstate 290 through Oak Park. 

A series of traffic models created by the Illinois Department of Transportation will be presented showing current vehicle movements and existing congestion. Comparative traffic models also will be presented to demonstrate the traffic flow and pedestrian movements that can be achieved with reconstruction of the interchanges at Harlem and Austin.

Residents are invited to watch the brief video posted below, review the planned presentation and share a comment with the Village Board.

Comments may be posted on this page until noon, Mon., July 13.

All comments will be moderated and will not appear immediately. Comments expressed on this page do not reflect the opinions or positions of the Village of Oak Park municipal government or its officers and employees. However, Village staff may reply to comments to clarify information or provide details that may be requested in a post.

Traffic/Pedestrian Movements at Interchanges Video




Submitted by Christine on

I think this will be a great change for pedestrians and persons with disabilities, but I think the overall problem has more to do with vehicle traffic and the lack of adequate flow at these areas.

Submitted by Vanessa Izar-Mc... on

As a homeowner on Ridgeland Avenue, in between Austin and Harlem, I often encounter backed up traffic when on Southbound Garfield, attempting to get onto Northbound Austin. It would be helpful for pedestrians and drivers at this corner to have a traffic light to facilitate the more efficient movement of cars and people to their destinations.

Submitted by Vanessa Izar-Mc... on

It would be phenomenal if Harrison and Garfield could be made one-way streets (in the opposite directions) in between Austin and Harlem! On each of these streets (Garfield and Harrison), having parked cars and two lanes of opposing traffic is a headache during heavy traffic periods: cars going in one direction have to yield to cars traveling in the opposite direction in order to prevent side-view mirrors from being hit and worse. An alternate suggestion would be to simply allow no parking on these narrow streets... Something has to give! These side streets are often used as an alternate to the Ike, and will only be getting more traffic as the Ike sees more traffic, and they are not safe for drivers or pedestrians walking next to the cars driving with raged drivers.

Submitted by Frank on

Where exactly will they be getting the room for the wider sidewalks? Will they be taking it away from the already narrow street?

Submitted by Stew S on

Your analysis hit the nail on the head as to the problems with both Harlem and Austin at those interchanges. In particular, the left turn from Garfield going east, heading towards the highway is blind and VERY dangerous. The proposed changes look great and would be very welcomed.